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Why isn't thsi community active?!

My friend pearljam and I were talking last night and the topic of the formerly Natural Nylons came up, which led to discussion about this community. Well, since a dead community sucks, and she's always asking me about when so and so's going to be on TV, I thought why not use this space to keep her (and others) updated? I've got to put my useless knowledge somewhere. So the boys, what're they up to right now? I'll even put this in cool list form.

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[sherlock] no they don't. why do they?

"Accident-prone Jude Law"

Hand Injury Knocks Jude Law Out of London Faustus

Since he has a contract with the Devil, you'd think Dr. Faustus could at least stay out of the hospital.

Accident-prone Jude Law injured his hand during the April 25 performance of Dr. Faustus in London, forcing the cancellation of the West End production's April 26 evening and April 27 matinee performances. Director David Lan made the announcement from the stage of the Young Vic. Audience members were offered full refunds.

On March 21, disappointed audiences were told that evening's performance of the production of Christopher Marlowe's play was canceled owing to a knee injury sustained by Law.

Law's injury on March 20 caused that day's performance to be canceled as well.

Dr. Faustus is expected the transfer to New York. The classic tragedy—a dark, pitiless tale of the price of boundless ambition and amorality—tells of hubristic Faustus, a learned man who nonetheless trades his soul in order to obtain infinite power and knowledge.