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Why isn't thsi community active?!

My friend pearljam and I were talking last night and the topic of the formerly Natural Nylons came up, which led to discussion about this community. Well, since a dead community sucks, and she's always asking me about when so and so's going to be on TV, I thought why not use this space to keep her (and others) updated? I've got to put my useless knowledge somewhere. So the boys, what're they up to right now? I'll even put this in cool list form.

Jude: As you all know, he's everywhere. Tonight (Thursday) was the Alfie premiere in London. Jude showed up with Sienna, of course, and hooray he was wearing a scarf! The man never disappoints.

I Heart Huckabees is in select theatres right now, go see it if you can. It's really excellent and worth the money to see Jude get a) slapped by Shania Twain b) have a semi-nervous breakdown c) call Jason Schwartzman a dickweed repeatedly and d) get shoved over by Marky Mark Whalberg. Highly recommended.

He will be appearing all over your television in the coming weeks promoting Alfie (Out November 5th), if you're American.

The Late Show with David Letterman - 10/19
The View - 10/22
Saturday Night Live - 10/23

As always, check your local listings for broadcast times.

Ewan: He's doing a press tour for his book and documentary for his bike trip around the world called The Long Way Round. He'll be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on the 19th of October. Note this is the same day Jude will be on Letterman. Now, Ewan may win the ratings war of my heart on this one because he's got Duran Duran as a musical guest. It's your call though. Or have a vcr handy in another room.

On October 28th, Bravo will begin showing his documentary, The Long Way Round. It's a 7 part series, out on DVD later in the year if you miss that. The Stereophonics did the theme song for it. Mmm.

His book is out now in shops everywhere. Buy it. Some proceeds go to Unicef.

Jonny Lee: Haha, well no television appearances to report here. He's been busy filming the Aeon Flux movie in Berlin with Charlize Theron, out next summer likely. His Woody Allen venture, Melinda & Melinda comes out in the states in March.

On a happy note, Trainspotting was named the third best British movie of all time by some poll. Huzzah!

Sean Pertwee: He's currently in Romania filming The Drop with Billy Zane. We love you, Sean P.

Sadie: Who cares? Joking. She's doing things with her fashion line, Frost French and running around with her barely legal boyfriend.

Well I hope you found this informative, and who knows perhaps I'll get motivated from time to time and do little updates like these more often. Keep the Natural Nylon flame alive!
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We love you Sean P!! He is due to be in Belfast next weekend and God willing,... he will be